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What's the Buzz on Smart Grid's?

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Essay Preview: What's the Buzz on Smart Grid's?

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What's the Buzz on Smart Grid's?

First and foremost the infrastructure of the of the United States electricity grid is outdated. The companies that provide the consumers with electricity have no idea how much electricity a consumer might consume or need. This grid also does not provide the electricity companies any type of information of any sorts. It is also lacking in the way of providing ways for the usage of alternative environmental power sources. Whereas the smart grid, on the other hand is delivered to the consumers through the usage of digital technology and this allows the provider of the electricity to take information from the exchange. Now this information would tell the provider how much the consumer is consuming or how much they are not consuming.

This lack of use could result in the ability of a power plant to be able to close down for a day or two or not run at full capacity. Since the need for the electricity is not there then the need for the plant to run at full capacity is also not there. This could result in a win win for the consumer and the environment for it would be cheaper if the electricity company did not have to run all of the time. It would also be more efficient for the company for they would save money from the lack of running. The environment would be benefited from this also due to the lack of pollutants not being introduced into the atmosphere.

The management, organization, and technology issues that can be arise are for one the management of the information that is coming in. This could have the result of a new division opening up to have the capabilities to process such information. The other thing is that there would probably have to be more IT there for the advancement of technology that would be introduced with the newer infrastructure. This would also go for the consumers too for learning how to operate the technology; as it is stated in the case study that the technology was a little far advanced and intimidating to use. (Laudon, Kenneth & Laudon, Jane, 2012)

The challenge that could harper the development of the smart grid is simply put by saying cost. The cost of the running such grids is estimated at a price tag of seventy five billion. (Laudon & Laudon, 2012) The other thing is that the electric companies stand to lose money from such a development. This remains a problem as people are becoming more conservative and the energy companies are looking for ways to not be at a financial disadvantage.

One of the infrastructures that the smart grid could help is the power outages that happen in the United States. The outdated primitive electric grid that is used in the United States gets knocked out by something as simple as a tree limb due to the lack of trimming trees around power lines. The Department of Energy in the United States quotes that, "one billion dollars a year is spent or lost due to blackouts", (2013). I would like for my home and the community that I live in be one a smart grid. The quality of life would improve around this community for reasons that everyone in the community would be more environmentally friendly. It would also save the community as a whole a tremendous amount of money in the long run.

Collaboration and Innovation

Procter and Gamble's business strategy is part of a global model of distribution development. In this strategy the company spends more money in innovation and outspends in research and development than any of its competitors. The collaboration and innovation in this business strategy is that by having the ability of communication through the usage of web 2.0 and social networking. This means that they went outside of their box of ideology of "let's invent it ourselves", which in itself is limited. The usage of putting emphasis from companies or other individuals that did not work for their company and this was to bring in new ideas or refreshed the older products; was put into place.

They used blogs and other tools of collaboration. This was all brought from the older ways that they used to communicate which was email which in turn was usually sent only to one person instead of the many people that might need access to the information. Also with the blogs came the openness of communication to anyone that cared to share their opinions or ideas could post. The other tool used was the Microsoft suites products. This allowed the information or data to be stored more efficiently. This also made it easier to communicate better. Connect being was another collaborative school will use this allow employees to tag content, share bookmarks, and effectively share information. Another great innovation tool for P&G was its, "adoption of Cisco Telepresence conference room at many locations across the globe", (Laudon & Laudon, 2012). This was a great tool for company as big as



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